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Our Services

We take a client-centered approach to all of the programs and services we provide. 

Vocational Training

Program focus is on developing the vocational skills essential to meet industry standards and employer expectations with regard to work skills, attitudes, and ethics.  Programming occurs in settings such as Wood Products, Mail/Assembly Services and the Kitchen.

1 to 1 Support

A number of clients utilize these supports to either allow them to participate in a wider range of activities within Tremploy or also provide support in community-based activities including employment supports


Based out of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in partnership with Health PEI and Skills PEI, Project SEARCH is a transition to work program for young adults aged 18-25.  The program typically begins in September and runs to June.  For more information, visit 

Life Enrichment

These programs balance fun and education, including frequent theme and spirit days, gym/walking, wellness champions, arts and crafts, decorating, music therapy, current events and armchair travel.  Delivered in staff ratios ranging from 1:7 to 1:3, programs are tailored to the needs an interests of each group.

Employment Assistance Services

Tremploy supports over 50 clients per year in various community-based employment placements.  Staff Assess skills, develop new job opportunities, coach clients once they obtain the job and also facilitate various employment readiness courses.

What Our Clients Say

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Jarrod Duffy

I like coming to Tremploy to see the staff, work on different contracts and see my friends
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